Thinkify Your Business

Thinkify is the next evolution in performance marketing and is redefining the way businesses connect with their customers.

We help your business grow by targeting the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Thinkify Your Business

We know what your customers are thinking, saying and doing – right now.

Until now, digital marketing has relied on aged and acquired data to target your potential customers. Which is fine, until it quickly becomes outdated and is no longer accurate or relevant.

Our focus is on new ways to acquire, analyse and use audience data. We utilise the latest technology in artificial intelligence to access real time data about what conversations are happening about your industry, your market and your brand in real time.

Through multiple partnerships, customised artificial intelligence and monitoring conversations and sentiment happening in real time – we are able to achieve pin point accuracy with your creative messaging and targeting.

Connect with your customers and generate leads at every opportunity.

Wherever they spend time online, we’ll get your brand in front of your customers with custom marketing solutions.

Grow your business with innovative marketing strategies to reach customers who are ready to purchase.

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Data Driven Insights

We tap into conversations happening in real time about your brand and industry to drive campaign targeting.

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Find Unseen Customers

Using data driven insights, we maximise conversions by knowing how, where and when to interact with your target audience.

Create Bespoke Solutions

We tailor unique campaigns that are true to your business to help your brand connect with your customers.


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Creative Deployment

We execute a number of creatives in rotation to ensure high performing click through rates for both prospecting and retargeting tactics.

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Maximise Conversions

We don’t waste your money on worthless clicks and impressions. Every dollar in your budget will be spent on generating valid leads.

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Increase Revenue

We are selling actual, comparable results. We continuously optimise your campaigns to guarantee their success to help grow your business.

We work with some of Australia’s most trusted brands¬†

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Thinkify creates bespoke marketing strategies and has experience across a huge variety of multi-channel digital platforms.

We work seamlessly with your technology stack to ensure we get you the results you need to grow.

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