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Elevate your brand storytelling and stand out from the crowd with professionally produced video.

Video Production

Your customers are looking for valuable and relevant video content

84% of people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video.

There’s simply no better way to show your customers the benefits of your products or services than through video. Even when viewing an ad, people are willing to pay attention to videos for much longer than other types of content.

This is especially relevant when you’re promoting brand awareness, looking to increase website traffic, generate leads and make sales. People are more likely to recognise your brand, visit your website, and make a purchase using a link from a video than with other types of advertising.

Create consistent, engaging ‘infotainment’ for your customers and audience

63% of people have reported an increased interest in a product after viewing a related video.

Video Production


Thinkify specialises in crafting videos that tell your brand’s story – from script to screen. We offer:
Content & Script Writing
Film Production & Editing
Drone Footage

Music Licensing
Full Brand Storytelling

Video Advertising


Video marketing provides businesses with an attractive, versatile and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences at the right time, on the right platform. Use video to promote and advertise on:
Social Media (Reels, Stories, Tiktok, Facebook)
Native Ads

Video Placement Matters.

We’re all about complimentary content that gets noticed.

The best strategy when using advertising is creating videos that complement what the viewer is already looking at.

Some examples include non-linear ads, which play outside of, or as an overlay on top of the main video, and video in search ads, which appear below the fold in search results. Both of these ensure the viewer sees your video, but that it does not disrupt what they are already watching.

Native video ads would appear at the end of content, such as the bottom of a blog post, work especially well when it supports the content that the person just consumed.


Lights, camera, action, advertise.

It’s time to get reel.